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The pandemic has wreaked havoc for us all, it has also slowed down or ground to a halt the multitude of systems that refugee claimants must navigate, leaving their lives full of gaps, in limbo, and separated indefinitely from family members they had to leave behind in their flight for safety. For them and us, courage, vision, and investment are the touchstones needed when these challenges produce so much uncertainty.

Over this past year, our incredible team of staff, interns, volunteers, partners, the broader community, and our donors responded with purposeful action to meet real needs with excellence, compassion, and generosity. Some did this even as they experienced their own losses of family members and friends due to Covid-19 and other things. WOW!

185 men, women, and children received approval for Canada’s protection! The threats that drove them to Canada were answered with the certainty of refuge!

Thank you for remembering those who need protection from even more than COVID-19! Welcoming Communities Still Matter!