Giving Tuesday: Welcoming Communities Still Matter

Making a refugee claim is a challenging and complicated process for people seeking Canada’s protection. When the borders closed, it became even harder as it left over 1,600 people we are helping with no way to continue the process. It stalled their refugee claim and it reinforced their uncertain future in our community. 

Now, this process has become even longer and more complex with Covid-19 restrictions. The families and individuals we support need assistance accessing necessities such as food and shelter, work permits, and even tracking the ever-changing regulations during a pandemic. 

Our work supporting them is possible because, like us, you believe in welcoming communities and you know that takes the generous support of the people in our community. To continue our efforts to assist, accompany, and advocate for people seeking Canada’s protection, please DONATE NOW because #WelcomingCommunitiesStillMatter.


The MCRS team remains active by assisting, accompanying, and advocating for families and individuals as they navigate the many changes that COVID-19 has brought.

Your generous donation provides a way forward through this time. Thank you for remembering those who need protection from even more than COVID-19.