MCRS is a dynamic organization run by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. In a world in upheaval, we assist, accompany, and advocate for those who come to Canada seeking refuge. We offer expertise, empathy, respect, empowerment, and peace. 

As a charitable organization, we rely solely on the generous support of donors. Churches, individuals, corporate sponsors, and foundations have made it possible for us to continue the work we do, year after year.

We also run a series of events throughout the year. Some of these focus on celebration with our clients, some are for raising funds, and some are for education and advocacy in the community.

Please take time to go through our site:

  • Read stories of lives that have been changed.
  • Watch for events that you can attend and bring family, friends and coworkers to.
  • Learn about how you, your church, school, or place of work can get involved through volunteering, fundraising, advocating and welcoming!
  • Donate knowing you are literally saving lives, giving people a chance for safety at last!