To assist, accompany and advocate for refugee claimants in our community.


MCRS is often the first stop for refugee claimants in Canada. We provide assistance in:

  • completing their claim forms and applications,
  • finding legal counsel,
  • applying for work permits,
  • translation and interpretation, and
  • navigating other complex immigration-related processes.


A new country, language, climate and culture bring many challenges for families struggling to meet their basic needs. MCRS helps:

  • orient refugee claimants in their new community,
  • find shelter and housing,
  • gain food security,
  • obtain social assistance and employment,
  • access healthcare, and
  • find educational opportunities.

We also encourage and support the relational connections needed as many have left family and networks of support in their flight to safety.


Issues such as unfair legislation and barriers to families’ reunification are just two of the many significant obstacles facing refugee claimant families. MCRS helps by raising awareness in the community and by advocating for change at both the national and local levels.


That refugees experience welcome, compassion, inclusion, and justice.