Shelley Campagnola, Executive Director

519-571-1912  x 102


I began working with MCRS, now COMPASS in 2016. It is an incredible privilege to work with a team so committed to providing welcome and much needed assistance to people seeking refuge in Canada.

I am humbled by the people who come to us from over 65 different countries, hoping to build new lives here, safe at last from the violence and threat to life and well-being they and their families faced.

I am deeply thankful for the many people who support the work of COMPASS. We could not do what we do without you! 

Tony Van Giessen, Operations and Program Manager

519-571-1912 x 107


I started volunteering here at MCRS, now COMPASS in 2011 and I am so grateful for the opportunity to assist people from all over the world in navigating the Canadian system.

I love to learn and have a master’s from Wilfrid Laurier University in Religion and Culture. I am also a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Feel free to call or drop by if you have any questions!

Amrita C. Shrestha, Case Worker

519-571-1912 x 106


I began working with MCRS, now COMPASS as a Caseworker in February of 2016. As an immigrant from Nepal, I am thrilled to be able to meet and work with many people from different parts of the world. What I do makes a real difference for people!

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Social work from Wilfrid Laurier University and also a Master’s degree in Population Studies and Anthropology from Nepal. If you have any questions about the refugee claimant process or how you can get involved please feel free to contact me at any time!

Donalee Mc Intyre, Case Worker

519-571-1912 x 104


I started at MCRS, now COMPASS, in September 2017 as a Bachelor of Social Work placement student. After graduating in June 2018, I continued as a caseworker and housing liaison. I enjoy and respect the work at COMPASS. Most of all, l I love working with people who exhibit joy and courage in the midst of many challenges.

If you have an inquiry, questions are always welcome. Call or drop by, I look forward to meeting you!

Carmen Clubine, Development and Communications 

519-571-1912 x 1011


I began working at MCRS, now COMPASS, in June 2018 and I am honoured for the opportunity to be a part of the story of the many courageous people who amidst struggle do not lose hope.

I love working in an environment where input from all people at all levels is valued,  where we combine our talents and turn them into practical results to make COMPASS a safe and welcoming place for those seeking refuge, hoping to make Canada their forever home.

Diana Odar, Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator

519-571-1912 x 103


I started working at MCRS, now COMPASS, as a Spanish Translator and Interpreter. I loved the work environment since day one and I fell in love with the organization. It is great to interact with different backgrounds and to be encouraged by different life stories.

I feel that every day I contribute to help people who are seeking safety and opportunities in Canada.

Vanessa Talero, Program Site Director – Allen Street

519-571-1912 x 1015


I have been a part of the MCRS, now COMPASS, team since October of 2019. Having arrived in Canada as refugee myself, COMPASS was one of the main supports for my family. I see so much value in the work that the COMPASS team does!
I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge and personal strengths to my practice and I am honoured to serve such an inspiring community of people.

Erin Forde, Housing Coordinator

519-571-1912 x 1013


I am thrilled to be the newest staff member at MCRS, now COMPASS, and to be working with a team who are so committed to being change agents.
I am hoping to bring over 20 years of experience in adult education, housing, and employment readiness to build a dynamic housing stability program. With the current housing crisis this is more vital than ever.  I encourage everyone to reach out to me and find out more about how they can support our housing program.

Kazh Ameen, Marketing and Digital Media Assistant
519-571-1912 x1010

MCRS, now COMPASS, was the first place I turned to look for guidance when I arrived in Canada. To be able to help people with stories such as mine and ensure their voices are heard is an honour I hold dearly.

I’m now a post-graduate student in Strategic Communications and determined to use my abilities to help refugee claimants start building their lives and witnessing all the opportunities Canada has to offer.


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