Does your business want to tap deeply into what inspires and enlivens your employees?

Do that by encouraging them to bring their whole selves to work and to express themselves wholeheartedly through service, creative expression and well-being.

Give them an opportunity to experience a greater sense of belonging.

By focusing on your people’s purpose and cultivating their sense of belonging, engagement happens and your business shines brighter! Your employees extend your corporate office into the community in ways that only they can – no one knows the community better than they do.


Welcome/Support Kits for Refugee Claimants

When people arrive at our office they come with little more than the clothes on their backs and a few dollars in their pockets. A welcome/support kit gets them started with the basics and periodically supports them as they struggle to make ends meet on limited resources.  It also helps COMPASS continue to offer support of people throughout the claims process!

Kits range in value with a recommended minimum of $500.

Ride for Refuge

COMPASS is an annual partner charity with Ride for Refuge: a family-oriented Fall fundraiser. It is a great way to come off the summer and get people connected again!

We are always looking for new teams to walk or ride with us, raising funds for our critical work and having a great time while doing it!

Contact us today to get your employees started with our Friends of COMPASS for Businesses program! And after, we will tell the story of how your business helped us right here so that you can be celebrated, and others can be inspired!