Looking for a way to make a real impact?

Through Friends of MCRS you can turn pretty much any activity into a fundraiser for MCRS and we will tell the story of your impact right here on our Friends of MCRS page!

Need some ideas of what you can do? How about one of the following?

Art Sale
Do you have budding and professional artists in your community? Ask them to donate their art to the cause and have a gallery sale. Upscale it a bit by having a semi-formal dress code, and serve spritzers!

Book Swap
Hold a book swap and charge a small amount for entry and/or per book exchanged.

Change Drive
Get a unique coin collection jar and start adding loose change to it.

Cold Lemonade or Hot Cocoa Sale
Does your community host a holiday festival, winter farmer’s market, or another event that brings people together? Depending on the day, cold lemonade or hot cocoa can be a real treat!

Gift-Wrapping Services
Once the holidays roll around, it feels like everyone is in a mad dash to buy and wrap presents for everyone on their list. Offer this service during all the major holidays as a quick fundraising idea for kids and families.

Giving Tree
This can be run year-round. Set the tree up in your work lobby, church foyer or another public area to maximize exposure.

Host a Board Game Tournament
Teams of people compete together during a board game tournament to raise money for MCRS.

Host A Concert
Get your favourite local performers and start planning. In your home, on the centre court on your street or at your church or local community centre. You decide and get the music going!!

Host A Talent Show
Your community has incredible talents, allow them to show them off while raising funds through ticket purchases, food, and beverages.

Hug Booth
We all need a hug every now and then! Spread cheer and awareness with a hug booth.

Ice Cream Social
In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing better than a bit of ice cream to cool everyone off. Host an ice cream social to bring people together and raise money.

Kids Story-a-thon
Find some of the best story tellers you know and have them read or tell stories with all the expression of the great story tellers. Stories can range from pure entertainment to stories that educate about the journeys of refugee claimants.

Lawn Service
Bring your whole family out to help your neighbors and community! Start a lawn service where you mow lawns and trim hedges. You can even water the potted plants on the porch.

Lunch and Learn
Invite a bunch of friends and coworkers to a “brown bag” lunch and bring in MCRS people to share about MCRS and any number of issues and needs refugees face.

Movie Night
Invite everyone you know to a family movie night. This fundraiser guarantees a crowd!

Pool Party
It’s summertime and it’s sweltering. What can you do to cool people off and raise money at the same time? Host a pool party!