Open Homes began over a decade ago as a grassroots response amongst a number of people attending WMB Church. The goal was to meet the housing needs for refugee claimants within members’ homes. This approach also provided opportunity for building community and relational support.

Many refugee claimants have been wonderfully supported by Open Homes over the years and those who have opened their homes have been blessed in return.

With the growing refugee claimant population, MCRS is now looking for other churches to serve in this same way. Due to the nature of this work, homes for claimants can only be provided as fast as appropriate hosts can be trained and mentored.

Many churches ask us, “How can we be directly involved in helping MCRS?” This is one of the most significant ways. Short-term housing is simply not available in the Waterloo Region. If you would like to know more about how to get your church involved in Open Homes, contact us at