Elena and her husband, Anton, left everything behind. They left the life they knew and loved, they left their family, they left their friends, they left everything — when they were forced to flee for their lives.

Death threats from gangs demanding payment for a “security tax” became more frequent. It was frightening and wreaking financial havoc. The police did nothing and changing phone numbers or hiding wasn’t enough. They NEEDED to leave for their lives.

They’d heard the safe & just tales about Canada. It was a gutsy move, but it had to be done so they could save their lives. It made sense at the time because they both had tourist visas. They packed their bags, wiped away the tears, and without even saying goodbye embarked on a journey that felt like a bad dream.

They don’t even want to think about what would have happened to them. The months that passed as refugee claimants when they waited for their fate felt like years, but finally, Canada gave them the opportunity to tell their story. They were well represented and got a “YES” for Canada’s protection.

Three years later, they are happy to be in Canada and grateful for their beautiful baby boy! Both of them have improved their language skills. Elena is taking courses at the college and Anton has a full-time job while taking accounting courses online. When available, Elena volunteers her time at MCRS.

“MCRS is like family and we know we could have never achieved this without them. God bless you always for the work you do.”