Volunteers provide vital services to MCRS clients, cultivate welcome within our community, and create a place where all those seeking safety can find home.


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Vacant Volunteer Positions

Office Support and Reception: Answering phones, welcoming clients, and supporting our staff with various administrative tasks reflects a valuable team role that enables us to meet the needs of refugee claimants on a daily basis.

Event Support: Working with MCRS staff to plan, promote, and facilitate various MCRS events including organizational, fundraising and educational events.

Interpreter/Translator: Volunteers work with MCRS staff to support the refugee claimant with translating documents or interpreting spoken language.

Grant Writing: Volunteers support the MCRS grant writing process through research and writing, and helping to raise funds for various programs.

Community Dinner Volunteer: Food is often an aspect of culture that is fun to share and therefore an amazing opportunity to set aside the barriers that they constantly face as they settle into Canadian culture. Community dinners offer a space for our clients to meet and connect with their community over a meal.

English Language Improvement: As refugees arrive to Canada, they are quickly faced with the reality that they must have some form of fluency in the English language in order to advance in their settlement process. The English Language Improvement program intends to assist in this process and includes scheduled English café times as well as ongoing relationship and language building through other activities.

Guest House Program Support: Working with staff for the upkeep and smooth running of our Guest House on Allen Street site (for many, still known as Welcome Home), ensuring that staff are supported and residents’ immediate needs are attended to in a timely way.

Leisure and Recreation Support Volunteer: Providing social opportunities through games nights, Zumba, craft activities, and more! These can take place in a variety of locations and in partnership with other organizations to ensure opportunity for all MCRS clients to be involved.

Sing and Pray: Faith has been a bedrock for many MCRS clients. Providing some additional support through a Sing and Pray program gives them opportunity to begin to build a new faith community. Volunteers are needed to provide a program that is respectful, creative, and offers a range of approaches to worship and prayer.

Community Conductor: Providing support for people as they plan for appointments, errands and other day-to-day, getting around activities.

Community Navigator: Helping to facilitate connection to additional programs and resources offered by various organizations such as Waterloo Wayside, Community Centre Family Outreach Programs, Community Music School of Waterloo Region, and so much more.

Join our Board of Directors!

Member of Board of Directors: We are seeking volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors for a two-year period. The Board Member helps to define the vision and mission of the organization, formulate and oversee the policies and procedures by which MCRS does its work, and assure that we work within these parameters and those defined by all relevant statutes.

This is a great opportunity to exercise leadership skills, strategic decision-making processes, and network with people who have the same passion for refugee claimants and their needs in a positive team-oriented environment.

Learn more about the opportunity by following this link: Board of Directors posting_08092018