Everyone who has refugee status in Canada has made a refugee claim somewhere.

Those who come to us make a claim when they get to Canada. Since 1987, MCRS has been welcoming people who have come into the Waterloo Region from all around the world. They have experienced things we sometimes can’t even imagine, hoping to find safety and welcome; hoping to hear, “Yes, you can stay!”.

They have too often had to run for their lives, leaving everything and everyone behind including spouses and children. They need a friend. They need someone who understands the many documents they need to complete. They need help finding a place to live and getting other day-to-day supports. They need encouragement as they work through a complex process while dealing with personal trauma, fears for themselves and for the loved ones they had to leave behind. They need compassion as they wait, sometimes for years, to be reunited with their families.


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