Without friends, family or a network of support, many refugee claimants face a difficult transition to Canada. Adapting to a new culture, language and climate is extremely challenging. MCRS provides families with support by encouraging community through cafés, gatherings, educational opportunities, and by connecting refugee claimant families with MCRS volunteers.

How we Build Community

At MCRS we understand the importance of connecting people in the community, for both refugee claimants and the community as a whole. Through events such as our Summer Picnic and Christmas Party, and through a variety of other events including Refugee Rights Day events and speaking to various community groups, MCRS strives to build bridges between refugee claimants and the wider community.

The acceptance and support of the community is vital to helping refugee claimants thrive in this new adopted environment, and in turn allows refugee claimants to enhance the fabric of our community. We believe that this is the heart of building a community of mutual support.


Who is in this Community

We believe that every member of our society is part of this community. We believe that each member can contribute, regardless of their history. For refugee claimants, engaging in this community can be a challenge often due to misconceptions and myths which can cause refugee claimants to be ostracized by the community. This is why we believe it is important to actively work to build a community of mutual support.

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