Families escaping their homeland face incredible challenges on their journey toward safety. They arrive in Canada with almost nothing. MCRS is often the first stop for refugee claimant families looking to rebuild their shattered lives. We welcome them with open arms, providing encouragement and support during this difficult transition time.

Whom we Welcome

At MCRS, we welcome anyone who comes to our office who is making, or has made, a claim for refugee protection. We are guided by our values and principles without any form of discrimination. Any refugee claimant at any point in the refugee claim process is welcome to come to MCRS and we will support them.

How we Welcome

When a new refugee claimant family (or individual) comes to MCRS, they are greeted by friendly staff and volunteers. As a small organization, our office is a safe space for refugee claimants to come. We are ready to hear their story, and assess and respond to their needs, getting them connected as quickly as we can to the various supports in the community and with our partners.

They have traveled far and with much uncertainty and often danger. MCRS is the beginning of hope for safety. Many of our clients say they feel like they are family to us.


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